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ASP.NET Core dotnet and docker commands for HTTPS
dotnet dev-certs https -ep %USERPROFILE%\.aspnet\https\aspnetapp.pfx -p crypticpassword
dotnet dev-certs https --trust
docker pull microsoft/dotnet-samples:aspnetapp
docker run --rm -it -p 8000:80 -p 8001:443 -e ASPNETCORE_URLS="https://+;http://+" -e ASPNETCORE_HTTPS_PORT=8001 -e ASPNETCORE_Kestrel__Certificates__Default__Password="crypticpassword" -e ASPNETCORE_Kestrel__Certificates__Default__Path=/https/aspnetapp.pfx -v %USERPROFILE%\.aspnet\https:/https/ microsoft/dotnet-samples:aspnetapp

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@campanellaf campanellaf commented Nov 12, 2019

What if I have a custom certificate which is not located inside %USERPROFILE%.aspnet\https\aspnetapp.pfx?

Say I have a self-signed certificate stored at %USERPROFILE%\certificates\dummy.pfx. What would I pass to ASPNETCORE_Kestrel__Certificates__Default__Path?

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