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simple appengine go app that prints out the current time in Japan, Los Angeles & London/UTC
package japantime
import (
// constants
const (
shortformat = "3:04pm"
// types
type times struct {
jpn time.Time
lax time.Time
utc time.Time
func init() {
// setup the http handlers
http.HandleFunc("/", handler_redirect)
http.HandleFunc("/time", handler_time)
// get the current time in JPN, LAX, UTC and return them in a struct of 3x t.Time
func getTime() times {
var tzu times
t := time.Now()
// locations
loc_lax, _ := time.LoadLocation("America/Los_Angeles")
loc_jpn, _ := time.LoadLocation("Japan")
loc_utc, _ := time.LoadLocation("UTC")
// times
tzu.lax = t.In(loc_lax)
tzu.jpn = t.In(loc_jpn)
tzu.utc = t.In(loc_utc)
return tzu
// redirect
func handler_redirect(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
http.Redirect(w, r, "", 301)
// print the current time in Japan, LA, London/UTC
func handler_time(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
var mytimes times
mytimes = getTime()
fmt.Fprintf(w, mytimes.jpn.Format(shortformat)+" in Japan ("+mytimes.lax.Format(shortformat)+" in Los Angeles, "+mytimes.utc.Format(shortformat)+" in London/UTC)\n")
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