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Last active Oct 20, 2021
Compiler C++ Version Defaults

C++ -std=... default of various commonly used C++ compilers

Compiler Version __cplusplus
g++ 4.7.4 199711L
5.5.0 199711L
6.1.0 201402L
10.2 201402L
11.1.0 201703L
clang++ 3.4.2 199711L
#!/usr/bin/python for GYP (
#Found @ (Oct 1, 2009)
#Download original @
#Attached is a script that converts a set of existing Chromium-dependent
#.sln and .vcproj files to .gyp. It currently supports executable, shared
#library, static library and build event projects. The output .gyp file is
#created by: