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default settings for wheels 1.1
<!--- disable automatic validations --->
<cfset set(automaticValidations=false)>
<!--- delay redirections --->
<cfset set(functionName="redirectTo", delay=true)>
<!--- disable automatic form field labels --->
<cfset set(functionName="textField", label=false)>
<cfset set(functionName="textFieldTag", label=false)>
<cfset set(functionName="passwordField", label=false)>
<cfset set(functionName="passwordFieldTag", label=false)>
<cfset set(functionName="checkBox", label=false)>
<cfset set(functionName="checkBoxTag", label=false)>
<cfset set(functionName="fileField", label=false)>
<cfset set(functionName="fileFieldTag", label=false)>
<cfset set(functionName="radioButton", label=false)>
<cfset set(functionName="radioButtonTag", label=false)>
<cfset set(functionName="select", label=false)>
<cfset set(functionName="selectTag", label=false)>
<cfset set(functionName="textArea", label=false)>
<cfset set(functionName="textAreaTag", label=false)>
<!--- basic pagination links decoration --->
<cfset set(functionName="paginationLinks", prepend="Pages: ", appendToPage=" | ", appendOnLast="false", classForCurrent="paginationLinks-current")>
<!--- application settings --->
<cfset loc.myapp = {}>
<!--- put app settings here --->
<cfset set(myapp = loc.myapp)>
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