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Created December 28, 2022 07:38
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How to restart all pods in a statefulset or deployment

Various ways to restart pods

Restart deployment

The most gracefull way is to trigger a restart for the deployment. In this case, a pod will only be terminated once the new pod is ready. It will slowly replace all pods one after the other.

kubectl rollout restart deployment <deployment-name>

Restart pods in a statefulset

This is similar to restarting a deployment but for stateful sets:

kubectl rollout restart statefulset <statefulset-name>

Hard / Forcefully restart a pod

Since pods are defined in a deployment, if one pod crashes or is killed, the deployment will automatically reschedule a new pod.

The effect is, that the pod will be sent to termination first and only then the new instance will be scheduled. This will lead to a gap where this instance is missing.

kubectl delete pod <pod-name>
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