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Changelog 2.23.4
  • f17e32b52 Updated Ghost-Admin to 2.23.4 - Rish
  • c5cb7a615 Version bump to 2.23.4 - Rish
  • 8688e659e Version bump to 2.23.4 - Rish
  • 6fd2db2ed Update amperize to v0.5.2 - Kevin Ansfield
  • a93636205 Removed logging for validation error in frontend routing - Nazar Gargol
  • f34a9d2e3 Update amperize to v0.5.1 - Kevin Ansfield
  • 90b0c8d3b 🚀 Speed up initial generation of /amp/ content with many images - Kevin Ansfield
  • f2e60806d 🐛 Fixed redirects to absolute URLs (#10777) - Timothy Stapleton
  • 24ef01ee4 Update ember addons - Renovate Bot
  • c2fc4aea7 Update dependency ember-source to v3.10.1 - Renovate Bot
  • 9c3ad4bc5 Update dependency ember-exam to v3.0.2 - Renovate Bot
  • 6ea2e4154 Update dependency @tryghost/timezone-data to v0.2.4 - Renovate Bot
  • b0c273361 Update dependency @tryghost/helpers to v1.1.5 - Renovate Bot
  • ea37b7845 Added logging of slow {{#get}} helper uses (#10779) - Kevin Ansfield
  • a4f119cb7 Moved visibility utility from static model fn to Ghost-SDK - Rish
  • f5544e783 Migrated to use @tryghost/social-urls package - Nazar Gargol
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