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Changelog 2.26.0
  • e17b5898d Updated Ghost-Admin to 2.26.0 - Rish
  • b7564f7cb Updated Casper to 2.10.5 - Rish
  • 5d3717016 Version bump to 2.26.0 - Rish
  • 1767744b7 Version bump to 2.26.0 - Rish
  • 86c670a94 Updated dependency @tryghost/url-utils to v0.1.4 - Rish
  • ffbd749c8 Added resolution for moment-timezone version - Rish
  • b0efad7ac Fixed img_url helper when using image sizes with relative path… (#10964) - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 7cc90a3f6 Removed noise from members-ssr error logging - Fabien O'Carroll
  • e6a99ec14 Update dependency simple-html-tokenizer to v0.5.8 - Renovate Bot
  • 0a8f69634 Update dependency @tryghost/kg-parser-plugins to v0.6.0 - Renovate Bot
  • 442882225 Update dependency knex to v0.19.1 - Renovate Bot
  • 2438b0184 Update ember addons - Renovate Bot
  • 264a18572 Update dependency intl-messageformat to v5.1.2 - Renovate Bot
  • 9eaef4043 Update dependency ember-data to v3.11.4 - Renovate Bot
  • d663cd2c8 Update dependency gscan to v2.6.6 - Renovate Bot
  • 75e8cc07b Update dependency @tryghost/timezone-data to v0.2.6 - Renovate Bot
  • 6cb0f800c Update dependency @tryghost/url-utils to v0.1.3 - Renovate Bot
  • a4546409c Update dependency @tryghost/social-urls to v0.1.1 - Renovate Bot
  • 56b30c8fa Update dependency @tryghost/helpers to v1.1.7 - Renovate Bot
  • d5d89ce9e Update dependency @tryghost/helpers to v1.1.7 - Renovate Bot
  • d9fef8217 Added global site SEO fields to be used in theme helpers (#10930) - Naz Gargol
  • 525313100 Updated fixtures hash for tests - Aileen Nowak
  • d11fd4210 Updated docs api links to be version-less - Aileen Nowak
  • f65460694 🔗 Updated docs api links to be version-less - Aileen Nowak
  • cdb3b0331 Updated yaml parser error to be InvalidUsageError - Hannah Wolfe
  • 1aa7e368a 🎨 Added url value to the Content API /settings/ endpoint (#10946) - Kevin Ansfield
  • 805f3c725 Added logging for members-ssr errors - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 2b6830b74 Ensured Admin API cannot fetch internal integrations (#10501) - Kevin Ansfield
  • 0e8754b88 Added ability to edit alt text for image cards - Kevin Ansfield
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