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Changelog 2.20.1
  • c53e66d49 Version bump to 2.20.1 - Rish
  • 67f2b41f2 Updated Ghost-Admin to 2.20.1 - Rish
  • 14060e267 Version bump to 2.20.1 - Rish
  • db9c2d1ec Fixed lint issues - Rish
  • c519ce55e Fixed failing integration test - Nazar Gargol
  • 876e310ae Updated check for members-ssr use at theme layer (#10693) - Rishabh Garg
  • 5cb8972e2 Fixed subscription issue with null coupons - Fabien O'Carroll
  • ab3b0d95a 🐛 Fixed fetching RSS in case of posts with no content - Rish
  • 4d0643fb4 🐛 Fixed crash in calculating reading time for empty posts - Rish
  • e830e334d Updated .travis.yml swap renovate build to push - Hannah Wolfe
  • 500ec826c Added default disabled state of false to FormInput - Fabien O'Carroll
  • b377549bc Added spinner on member signup pages - Rish
  • 05afcf021 Updated member detail screen to handle free memberships - Rish
  • 874fceb07 Updated member signin page to show logged in status - Rish
  • 78165a998 Removed unused onClick handler in StripeSubscribePage - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 4d9ddbf77 Added coupon support to StripeSubscribePage - Fabien O'Carroll
  • feee3dc58 Cleaned up render{Subscribe,Upgrade}Page - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 0970fa6a6 Added CouponInput component - Fabien O'Carroll
  • b28f3a02d Added support for disabled form elements - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 5d14f4377 Updated member detail placeholder - Rish
  • 1211c70eb 🐛 Fixed Ghost out of date notification - Nazar Gargol
  • a248bbeae Changed wording for free Member detail data - Zimo
  • 17bc79d57 Added fade in for signup complete page - Zimo
  • 88368d0d9 Updated members api and gateway to pass coupo - Fabien O'Carroll
  • cdc3971ed Passed coupon from metadata through to stripe - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 94ac33bc9 Members refinements (#10689) - Peter Zimon
  • 9aa9b39a5 Fixed require path of members-ssr - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 1cf443b42 Updated member management data (#1150) - Rishabh Garg
  • f9899cb8c Updated theme layer to use members-ssr (#10676) - Fabien O'Carroll
  • b3f66c6c9 Blacklisted private member settings for HTTP calls - Fabien O'Carroll
  • c9dc66d13 Fixed members labs settings for nightshift - Zimo
  • 39d2afcbd Added hover to member cells in member list - Zimo
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