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Ritika Motwani| ritikamotwani | FOSSASIA


The New Frontend’s basic foundations have been laid in previous work during last summer of code and subsequent contributions thereafter, with CRUD functionality working for most of the APIs offered by the open event server. JSON API spec compliance led to robust integration of the API end points on the client side. However, many bugs still remain, and various APIs have not been implemented yet, or there are other mismatches in actual and expected results.

Major Areas Of My Contributions and Goals achieved:

Community Bonding:

  • Solved small issues to get familiar with Ember JS and Semantic UI and towards the end started solving the bugs already present in the open event front-end project.

Phase 1:

  • Heavily Worked on the Core UI and created most of the basic routes required in Open Event like the route to view sessions.
  • Converted the normal tables present in various routes to standard ember table and integrated the concerned API to it like the speakers table.
  • Added user pages like my-sessions, manage-events.

**Phase 2:** - Added functionalities to various action buttons in different routes. - Completed the UI for some routes in the admin section and worked to integrate the API end points to the corresponding routes: - Admin Dashboard - admin/events - admin/sessions - admin/settings - Worked on the routes and forms of sessions and speakers available for the event organizer. - Implemented dynamic forms in Open Even frontend.

Phase 3:

  • Worked heavily on integrating the API end points to the corresponding routes including:

    • Most of the admin section like admin/users.
    • Call for speakers
    • list views for public pages
  • Worked on the UI part for improving various routes of the project.

App Screencast Link

Youtube Screencast

Code Contributions:

Social Outreach:

Other Links:

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