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bigsnarfdude / gist:a0702a88b122be81cb1f4edb55229a7b
Last active Aug 13, 2020
[self-driving-car] links and resources
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General Nanodegree Information
Nanodegrees Programs:
Nanodegree Plus (job guarantee):
UConnect (weekly in-person study sessions):
Courses on Udacity
Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree by Google (Currently Available):
Artificial Intelligence for Robots (Free Course)
Intro to Statistics (Free Course)
Deep Learning (Free Course)
andrie / 1-RODBC.R
Created Oct 12, 2015
Preview of using Revolution R Enterprise inside SQL Server 2016
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### Connect to SQL Server using RODBC
# Connect to SQL Server using RODBC ------------------
sqlHost <- "DAA136209339.sys-sqlsvr.local"
sqlDatabase <- "RevoTestDB"
dsnString <- "driver={SQL Server};server=%s;database=%s;trusted_connection=true"
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