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Last active Jan 2, 2016
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AppleScript to open Steam in 'big picture' mode. If steam is already running it convert to 'big picture' mode. If a steam game is running in the foreground then nothing should happen. Relies on `pgrep` which comes along with 10.8+.
on isRunningAndSteam(theProcess)
set result to do shell script "
if grep -q \"\\-steam\" <<< `/bin/ps -xo command -p \"\\`/usr/bin/pgrep " & theProcess & "\\`\"`; then
echo true
echo false
return result as boolean
end try
end isRunningAndSteam
-- e.g. isRunningAndSteam("hl2_osx")
tell application "System Events"
set currentApp to name of application processes whose frontmost is true
end tell
if not isRunningAndSteam(currentApp) then
do shell script "open /Applications/ --args -start steam://open/bigpicture"
end if

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ghost commented Nov 13, 2015

Hi rjocoleman, I have a question
Is there a event on the steam process when you close big picture mode?

I'm looking for a way to manage the big picture status and running scripts on open and close events.

Well I am looking forward to your reply, thanks.

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