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Last active Aug 29, 2015

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Mapping panoramic photos (taken with a Nexus 4) onto the inside of a sphere, using PhiloGL and mouse gestures orchestrated (badly) with ClojureScript - the rotation in the Y plane is currently not working as it should...
(ns example.webgl.photosphere
[enchilada :only [webgl proxy-request value-of show hide]]
[jayq.core :only [document-ready show hide $]])
[enchilada.util.macros :as m]))
(show ($ :div#spinner))
(def random-texture
(let [locations ["Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire, UK"
"Brimham Rocks 2, North Yorkshire, UK"
"Happisburgh Lighthouse, Norfolk, UK"
"Harlow Carr, Harrogate, UK"
"Knaresborough Castle, North Yorkshire, UK"
"Prainha - beach, Algarve, Portugal"
"Prainha - clifftop, Algarve, Portugal"
"Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk, UK"]]
(fn []
(rand-nth locations))))
(defn texture-uri [texture]
(str "" texture ".jpg"))
(def filename
(value-of :texture (random-texture)))))
(def globe
{ :nlat 30
:nlong 30
:radius 2
:textures filename})))
(def last-pos (atom [0 0]))
(defn on-drag-start [e]
(swap! last-pos (constantly [(.-x e) (.-y e)])))
(def cam-ob (atom nil))
(defn on-drag-move [e]
(let [pos [(.-x e) (.-y e)]
delta-pos (mapv - pos @last-pos)
matrix (.-matrix globe)]
; Rotate about the Y axis for horizontal movement
;(m/inc! (.-y (.-rotation globe)) (/ (delta-pos 0) -100))
; Rotate about the X axis for vertical movement
;(m/inc! (.-x (.-rotation globe)) (/ (delta-pos 1) -100))
;(.update globe)
(.$rotateAxis matrix (/ (delta-pos 0) -100) (clj->js [0 1 0]))
(.$rotateAxis matrix (/ (delta-pos 1) -100) (clj->js [1 0 0]))
(swap! last-pos (constantly pos))))
(defn on-error [msg]
(js/alert (str "There was an error creating the WebGL demo:\n\n" msg)))
(defn init [canvas scene gl]
(.clearColor gl 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0)
(.clearDepth gl 1.0)
(.enable gl (.-DEPTH_TEST gl))
(.depthFunc gl (.-LEQUAL gl))
(.viewport gl 0 0 (.-width canvas) (.-height canvas))
(.add scene globe))
(defn draw [canvas scene gl]
(.clear gl (bit-or (.-COLOR_BUFFER_BIT gl) (.-DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT gl)))
(.. scene -config -lights)
{:enable true
:ambient {:r 1.0 :g 1.0 :b 1.0}
:directional {:color {:r 0.0 :g 0.0 :b 0.0}
:direction {:x -1.0 :y -1.0 :z -1.0}}}))
(.render scene))
(defn on-load [app]
(show webgl)
(hide ($ :div#spinner))
(let [canvas (.-canvas app)
scene (.-scene app)
gl (.-gl app)
cam (.-camera app)]
(init canvas scene gl)
(reset! cam-ob cam)
((fn draw-and-request []
(draw canvas scene gl)
(js/PhiloGL.Fx.requestAnimationFrame draw-and-request)))))
(def camera
{:position {:x 0 :y 0 :z -2.0}})
(def textures
{ :src [filename]
:pixelStore [{:name "UNPACK_FLIP_Y_WEBGL" :value false }]
:parameters [{:name "TEXTURE_MAG_FILTER" :value "LINEAR"}
{:name "TEXTURE_MIN_FILTER" :value "LINEAR"}
{:name "TEXTURE_WRAP_S" :value "CLAMP_TO_EDGE"}
{:name "TEXTURE_WRAP_T" :value "CLAMP_TO_EDGE"}]})
(defn webgl-start []
{ :camera camera
:textures textures
:events {
:onDragStart on-drag-start
:onDragMove on-drag-move
:onMouseWheel on-mouse-wheel}
:onError on-error
:onLoad on-load})))
(document-ready webgl-start)

WebGL & Clojurescript

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Built using the PhiloGL 3D library

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