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@rma4ok /rAF.js
Created Aug 16, 2012

requestAnimationFrame polyfill
// requestAnimationFrame polyfill by @rma4ok
!function (window) {
equestAnimationFrame = 'equestAnimationFrame',
requestAnimationFrame = 'r' + equestAnimationFrame,
ancelAnimationFrame = 'ancelAnimationFrame',
cancelAnimationFrame = 'c' + ancelAnimationFrame,
expectedTime = 0,
vendors = ['moz', 'ms', 'o', 'webkit'],
while (!window[requestAnimationFrame] && (vendor = vendors.pop())) {
window[requestAnimationFrame] = window[vendor + 'R' + equestAnimationFrame];
window[cancelAnimationFrame] =
window[vendor + 'C' + ancelAnimationFrame] ||
window[vendor + 'CancelR' + equestAnimationFrame];
if (!window[requestAnimationFrame]) {
window[requestAnimationFrame] = function (callback) {
currentTime = +new Date,
adjustedDelay = 16 - (currentTime - expectedTime),
delay = adjustedDelay > 0 ? adjustedDelay : 0;
expectedTime = currentTime + delay;
return setTimeout(function () {
}, delay);
window[cancelAnimationFrame] = clearTimeout;

Mind helping me understand the reason behind this?

  equestAnimationFrame = 'equestAnimationFrame',
  requestAnimationFrame = 'r' + equestAnimationFrame,

looks odd :)


@wamatt for better minification i would say...


and why use !function in the first line? :)


@ddon calling an anonymous function the bang converts it to an expression from a function declaration.


Mhh, since +new Date is slower than (new Date).getTime(). I would recommend to use the latter.

...and by the way, most modern browsers (i.e. IE9+) support so we can use it and fallback to getTime().


@yckart , how it helps in minification, it's just variable reuse only



Since 'requestAnimationFrame' starts with capital 'R' in vendor-prefixed funtion names like 'webkitRequestAnimationFrame' and it is used multiple times, it's better to use in that way.

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