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Redirect OBIEE login page on failure
  1. Open Oracle_BI1/bifoundation/web/msgdb/pages/common/signin.html in a text editor

  2. Find the line <sawm:if name="logonError"> (c. line 36)

  3. Insert a line after it and add the following

     <script language="javascript">setTimeout(function(){window.location.replace("")},1000)</script>
  4. Save the file

  5. Restart Presentation Services

This includes a 1 second delay before navigation; you could add to Oracle_BI1/bifoundation/web/msgdb/l_en/messages/logonmessages.xml alternative text for the message kmsgAuthenticateUnableToLogon so that the user is warned they are being redirected.

Note that these paths will get overwritten when you patch OBIEE, so you should deploy the custom files per Oracle BI EE 11g – Styles, Skins & Custom XML Messages

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