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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE language SYSTEM "language.dtd">
<language name="RelaxNG-Compact" version="0.2" kateversion="2.4" section="Markup" extensions="*.rnc" casesensitive="1" author="Rintze Zelle" license="LGPL">
<list name="Keywords">
<item> default </item>
<item> datatypes </item>
<item> div </item>
<item> empty </item>
<item> external </item>
<item> grammar </item>
<item> include </item>
<item> inherit </item>
<item> list </item>
<item> mixed </item>
<item> namespace </item>
<item> notAllowed </item>
<item> parent </item>
<item> start </item>
<item> token </item>
<list name="Node Names">
<item> attribute </item>
<item> element </item>
<list name="Datatypes">
<item> string </item>
<item> text </item>
<item> xsd:anyURI </item>
<item> xsd:base64Binary </item>
<item> xsd:boolean </item>
<item> xsd:byte </item>
<item> xsd:date </item>
<item> xsd:dateTime </item>
<item> xsd:decimal </item>
<item> xsd:double </item>
<item> xsd:duration </item>
<item> xsd:ENTITIES </item>
<item> xsd:ENTITY </item>
<item> xsd:float </item>
<item> xsd:gDay </item>
<item> xsd:gMonth </item>
<item> xsd:gMonthDay </item>
<item> xsd:gYear </item>
<item> xsd:gYearMonth </item>
<item> xsd:hexBinary </item>
<item> xsd:ID </item>
<item> xsd:IDREF </item>
<item> xsd:IDREFS </item>
<item> xsd:int </item>
<item> xsd:integer </item>
<item> xsd:language </item>
<item> xsd:long </item>
<item> xsd:Name </item>
<item> xsd:NCName </item>
<item> xsd:negativeInteger </item>
<item> xsd:NMTOKEN </item>
<item> xsd:NMTOKENS </item>
<item> xsd:nonNegativeInteger </item>
<item> xsd:nonPositiveInteger </item>
<item> xsd:normalizedString </item>
<item> xsd:NOTATION </item>
<item> xsd:positiveInteger </item>
<item> xsd:QName </item>
<item> xsd:short </item>
<item> xsd:string </item>
<item> xsd:time </item>
<item> xsd:token </item>
<item> xsd:unsignedByte </item>
<item> xsd:unsignedInt </item>
<item> xsd:unsignedLong </item>
<item> xsd:unsignedShort </item>
<context attribute="Normal Text" lineEndContext="#stay" name="Normal Text" >
<DetectChar attribute="Comments" char="#" firstNonSpace="true" context="Comments"/>
<DetectChar attribute="String" char="&quot;" context="String" />
<keyword attribute="Keywords" context="#stay" String="Keywords" />
<keyword attribute="Keywords" context="Node Names" String="Node Names" />
<keyword attribute="Datatypes" context="#stay" String="Datatypes" />
<RegExpr attribute="Definitions" context="Definitions" String="[\w\.-]+[\s]+=" lookAhead="true" />
<context attribute="Comments" lineEndContext="#pop" name="Comments" >
<context attribute="String" lineEndContext="#stay" name="String" >
<DetectChar attribute="String" context="#pop" char="&quot;" />
<context attribute="Node Names" lineEndContext="#pop" name="Node Names" >
<DetectChar attribute="Node Names" context="#pop" char="{" lookAhead="true" />
<context attribute="Definitions" lineEndContext="#pop" name="Definitions" >
<DetectChar attribute="Definitions" context="#pop#pop" char="=" lookAhead="true" />
<itemData name="Normal Text" defStyleNum="dsNormal" />
<itemData name="Comments" defStyleNum="dsComment" />
<itemData name="String" defStyleNum="dsString" />
<itemData name="Keywords" defStyleNum="dsKeyword" />
<itemData name="Datatypes" defStyleNum="dsDataType" />
<itemData name="Node Names" defStyleNum="dsOthers" />
<itemData name="Definitions" defStyleNum="dsFunction" />
<keywords weakDeliminator="-:"/>
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