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Rob "Hurricane" Ashton robashton

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robashton / test.cs
Created Feb 17, 2013
What my use of mocking frameworks looks like in C# vs JavaScript
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// CSharp
robashton / dynamic-query.cs
Created Feb 14, 2013
I'm quite pleased with this new feature
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var ordersForCustomer = session.Query<Order>()
.Where(order => order.CustomerId == "customers/bob")
.TransformWith<OrderWithProductInformation, OrderWithProductInformation.Result>()

If you ask most professional developers (as compared to a Hobbyist, see "What's the Difference between a Hobbyist and a Professional") about JavaScript and you'll likely get non-positive responses. Most professional developers – that is those that get paid – don't like JavaScript because it's hard to make a craft of developing when you're limited by your language. Most professional developers have come to expect a set of tools to help them develop more reliable code and to create the code faster in the first place. JavaScript isn't bad for tying a few loose things together, however, developing enterprise scale applications is not what it was designed for.

robashton / index.html
Created Oct 28, 2012
Push-based dom templating with cheerio
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<div class="hotel">
<h5 class="hotel-name"></h5>
<p class="hotel-description"></p>
<!-- Trying to use the HTML elements themselves as selectors will lead to pain because the designer should be able to change that crap and you shouldn't have to worry which elements they've used, classes/ids are saner -->
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package samples
import kspec.framework.*
spec public fun calculatorSpecs() {
var calculator = null
var sum = 0
given("a calculator", {
calculator = Calculator()
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static void Main(string[] args)
ConsoleSpinner spin = new ConsoleSpinner();
while (true)
robashton /
Created Oct 10, 2012
Curry on Friday Night
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var Browser = require('zombie')
, client = new Browser()
client.visit('http://localhost', function() {
client.fill('title', 'This is an awesome blog entry')'submit')
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(defn onKeyDown [e]
(.log js/console "down")
(defn onKeyUp [e]
(.log js/console "up")
(defn hookKeyboard []
(.addEventListener js/document "keydown" onKeyDown)
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Scenario "Bootstrapping the game", ->
context = new ManualContext()
bob = null
alice = null
Given "a server in a ready state", (done) ->
When "bob connects", (cb) ->
bob = context.add_client_called 'bob', cb
Then "bob should have a canvas displayed", ->