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Mercurial Scripts
#this goes in .hgrc
name = Repository Name
description = Description
contact = My Name <my@email>
push_ssl = True
allow_push = rob
# Ignore file for Visual Studio 2008
# use glob syntax
syntax: glob
# Ignore Visual Studio 2008 files
hgext.notify =
host = SMTP_HOST
# send one email per group of changes
changegroup.notify = python:hgext.notify.hook
# multiple sources can be specified as a whitespace separated list
sources = serve push pull bundle
# set this to False when you're ready for mail to start sending
test = False
#you can set the below in a separate path so people can sub themselves, or just put it below
# config = /path/to/subscription/file
# here's an example that makes the changeset template look more like hg log:
template = Subject: {webroot|basename}: {desc|strip|firstline}\n\ndetails: {baseurl}{webroot|basename}/rev/{node|short}\nchangeset: {rev}:{node|short}\nuser: {author}\ndate: {date|date}\ndescription:\n{desc}\n
# key is subscriber email, value is comma-separated list of glob patterns = *
# key is glob pattern, value is comma-separated list of subscriber emails
This is the registry root that needs to point to Console2.exe so it shows up in your shell
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