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Help with setting up Github PAT token

Ensure you have a Github account. Next, visit the Github help page to set up your Github auth token.

Make sure git is installed. Open up your terminal, and ensure git is installed by running which git (if you do not see git not found, then you have to do nothing). If you do not have git, run brew install git. Next, configure your git identity.

Finally, copy the authenatication token you obtained earlier, and then run the following line from your terminal (with the token replaced by your token):

echo "export GITHUB_PAT=c1e2feed3242cfa0ab2e560ce4f380f66c6e9547" >> ~/.bash_profile && source ~/.bash_profile

You are now ready to roll! You will need to have an Avant IT or analytics admin add you to the correct avant permission groups, and you should be able to clone Avant repositories, e.g.,:

mkdir -p ~/dev
cd ~/dev
git clone
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tonglu commented Aug 16, 2015

very helpful. copying over to avant-analytics wiki

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Hey @robertzk, did you mean to share your GITHUB_PAT publicly?

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