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Robin Sloan robinsloan

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<style type="text/css">
body {
font-family: Arial, sans-serif;
font-size: 64px;
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# zip two collections together then iterate in lockstep
first_names = "Clark", "Bruce", "Diana"
last_names = "Kent", "Wayne", "Troy" do |first, last|
puts "#{first} #{last}"
robinsloan /
Created Aug 28, 2017
FFMPEG command to convert GIF to proper MP4
ffmpeg -i this_here.gif -vcodec h264 -y -pix_fmt yuv420p
robinsloan / autoresponder.txt
Created Nov 30, 2018
Twitter DM autoresponder
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# First,
twurl authorize --consumer-key YOUR_CONSUMER_KEY --consumer-secret YOUR_CONSUMER_SECRET
# Then,
twurl -A 'Content-type: application/json' -X POST /1.1/direct_messages/welcome_messages/new.json -d '{"welcome_message": {"name": "autoresponder", "message_data": {"text": "Hi! I am not currently checking DMs. You can email me instead 👉 YOUR EMAIL HERE"}}}'
# In the response, note the id of the returned welcome message object, because you'll need it in a moment.
robinsloan / LSTMBeam.lua
Created May 25, 2016
Beam search, kinda?
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require 'torch'
require 'nn'
local layer, parent = torch.class('nn.LSTM', 'nn.Module')
If we add up the sizes of all the tensors for output, gradInput, weights,
gradWeights, and temporary buffers, we get that a SequenceLSTM stores this many
scalar values:
robinsloan / bad-fax-filter.svg
Created Sep 12, 2018
I like the look of this
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import subprocess as sp
import numpy as np
import signal
from PIL import Image
def tukey_window(window_length, alpha=0.5):
# Special cases
from PIL import Image
import glob
import numpy as np
def tukey_window(window_length, alpha=0.5):
# Special cases
if alpha <= 0:
robinsloan / makevideo.rb
Last active May 21, 2016
Very brittle, but maybe useful
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# for when you have a bunch of images in a dir that are not *quite*
# numbered the way ffmpeg wants them to be, e.g.
# image-1, image-2, ... image-10, image-11, ... image-100, image-101
if ARGV.length < 1
puts "Usage: ruby makevideo.rb name-of-directory-with-all-your-dang-images-in-it"
dir = ARGV[0]
robinsloan / unbroken-spine-id-notes.txt
Created Oct 7, 2012
Unbroken Spine member ID notes
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Just a few notes for the curious.
* Every number in Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore is a least a little bit meaningful
* The Unbroken Spine member IDs are extra meaningful
* I checked in the roster and Peter Richardson's member ID is 6K6DV8
* I checked in the roster and Patrick Ewing's member ID is 6L9SN2
* Peter and Patrick had different mentors
* Beware the missing letter
More to come, here and there...
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