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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import libs.lif as lf
key = "question"
value = self.context['question']
theta = self.get_theta(all_float=False, key=key, value=value)
Lif = lf.Lif(theta, x0=self.context['x0'], A=1.4 , T=100, gamma=.004, omega=.8, lifversion=2)
Lif.update(self.action["t"],self.action["x"], self.reward)
self.set_theta(Lif, key=key, value=value)
import time
"type" : "setreward",
"t" : self.action["t"],
"x" : self.action["x"],
"y" : self.reward,
"x0" : theta['x0'],
"time" : int(time.time()),
"context" : self.context,
"q" : self.context['question']
# Example URL
# /2/setReward.json?key=24ff7bb26&action={"x":7.8,"t":2.0}&reward=6.8&context={"question":2,"x0"=:1.0}
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