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A simple Google Action to run lint Python code and run tests when commits are pushed to the remote. Article:
# Article:
name: Run unit tests with Python
# Sets the events which will trigger the Action
# `push` = any "push" action to the GitHub "remote",
# changes to any branch will be considered
on: [push]
# `build` is a user-defined name for this job
# Set the base environment to run the Action on
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
# Set the Python version(s) to run the tests with
python-version: [3.7, 3.8]
# Steps to complete the job
- name: Checking out code from the repository
uses: actions/checkout@v2
- name: Setting up Python ${{ matrix.python-version }}
uses: actions/setup-python@v2
python-version: ${{ matrix.python-version }}
- name: Install dependencies
run: |
python -m pip install --upgrade pip
pip install flake8
if [ -f requirements.txt ]; then pip install -r requirements.txt; fi
- name: Lint the code with flake8
run: |
# stop the build if there are Python syntax errors or undefined names
flake8 . --count --select=E9,F63,F7,F82 --show-source --statistics
# exit-zero treats all errors as warnings. The GitHub editor is 127 chars wide
flake8 . --count --exit-zero --max-complexity=10 --max-line-length=127 --statistics
- name: Test with unittest
run: |
python -m unittest discover
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