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SplitQueries funtion that splits using ANTLR grammar
import * as antlr4 from 'antlr4';
import { QuerySeparationGrammarLexer } from './QuerySeparationGrammarLexer';
import { QuerySeparationGrammarParser } from './QuerySeparationGrammarParser';
import { QuerySeparationGrammarListener } from './QuerySeparationGrammarListener';
import { CustomListener } from'./CustomListener';
export const SplitQueries = (input) => {
const chars = new antlr4.InputStream(input);
const lexer = new QuerySeparationGrammarLexer(chars);
const tokens = new antlr4.CommonTokenStream(lexer);
const parser = new QuerySeparationGrammarParser(tokens);
parser.buildParseTrees = true;
const tree = parser.queriesText(); // the tree upon which I'll walk
const result = [];
const listener = new CustomListener(result); // custom listener builds on the empty results array
antlr4.tree.ParseTreeWalker.DEFAULT.walk(listener, tree);
return listener.result; // this function returns the start and stop indices.
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