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Ranger Keybindings

Search for a File / Directory

Key Binding Description
f search for file / directory

Copy, Rename/Move or Delete

Key Binding Description
;C copy the current/marked file(s) / dir(s)
R rename/move the current/marked file(s) / dir(s)
D delete the current/marked file(s) / dir(s)
;d flag current file/dir for deletion, and select
;x delete flagged file(s) / dir(s)


Key Binding Description
I insert subdirectory from selected folder
gk move to prev subdirectory
gj move to next subdirectory


Key Binding Description
t toggle mark on current file / directory
;m/C-SPC/TAB mark current file / dir, and select next
;u unmark current file / dir, and select next
;U unmark all files
v invert all marks
" mark files (regexp)


Key Binding Description
on name
oN name (reverse)
oe extension
oE extension (reverse)
os size
oS size (reverse)
ot modified date/time
oT modified date/time (reverse)
oc created date/time
oC created date/time (reverse)
zd sort directories first or last

Toggles / Settings

Key Binding Description
i toggle the preview window
zh toggle hidden files (e.g. dotfiles)
zi toggle literal / full-text previews
zf toggle image full-size / fit to window
zP toggle between full ranger / deer-mode
zp toggle file details in deer-mode
z- reduce number of parent windows
z+ increase number of parent windows


Key Binding Description
! run shell command on file
;& run async shell command on file
S eshell popup window

Writable Dired Mode

Key Binding Description
C-c C-e start WDired mode
C-c C-c/C-x C-s finish, rename changed file names
C-c C-k/C-c ESC abort, reverting any changes
C-x C-q exit, ask to save/revert modified files


Key Binding Description
;+ create directory
;= diff: current file and asks for 2nd file
;g revert current buffer, with file on disk
;k kill (hide) marked lines, C-r to unhide

Copy and Paste Functionality

Key Binding Description
yy mark files to copy
dd mark files to move
pp paste files in copy ring
po paste files in copy ring and overwrite existing
p? show the copy contents

Selected File Actions

Key Binding Description
ws open selected file in vertical split
wv open selected file in horizontal split
wf open selected file in new frame
we open the selected file in external app
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