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from pathlib import Path
import os
p = Path('03_Books/')
for ix, path in enumerate(sorted(os.listdir(p))):
if '.DS_Store' not in path:
full_path = os.path.join(p, path)
if os.path.isdir(full_path):
if ix < 10:
rodrigorivera /
Last active Oct 31, 2019
Notes on the cisco vpn at skoltech

Working with Windows and the Ubuntu bash

  • Check install instructions at
  • Download the cisco client
  • First run on powershell: Get-DnsClientServerAddress -AddressFamily IPv4 | Select-Object -ExpandPropert ServerAddresses
  • Copy the ip listed
  • Open the Ubuntu bash
  • Open resolv.conf
  • sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf
  • Edit the /etc/resolv.conf and replace all nameserver {ip} with the ones generated by the top one.
  • Save file
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# Byte-compiled / optimized / DLL files
# C extensions
View jupyter_commands
jupyter nbconvert --ClearOutputPreprocessor.enabled=True --inplace TSFresh_per_Cluster1-Copy3.ipynb
rodrigorivera / adase_gpu_tf_conda
Last active Jun 14, 2018
List of steps to build TensorFlow gpu with conda in the adase servers
View adase_gpu_tf_conda
git clone
# Comment out everything but last line in bash
nano Dockerfile.gpu
# Edit the version of the cuda image
# 9.1-cudnn7-devel-ubuntu16.04
# Add latest versions
docker build -t riverar_docker_tfgpu_conda -f Dockerfile.gpu .

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am rodrigorivera on github.
  • I am rodrigorivera ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASB2WCkTk9i1lGUMwomV2whMoqUcFGej4DLpnwpqTp3tQAo

To claim this, I am signing this object: