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class StdoutSink(spotify.sink.Sink):
def __init__(self, session):
self._session = session
def _on_music_delivery(self, session, audio_format, frames, num_frames):
assert (
audio_format.sample_type == spotify.SampleType.INT16_NATIVE_ENDIAN)
# print >> sys.stderr, audio_format.sample_type
# print >> sys.stderr, audio_format.sample_rate
# print >> sys.stderr, audio_format.channels
# print >> sys.stderr, audio_format.frame_size()
# print >> sys.stderr, num_frames
return num_frames
def _close(self):
#to play form the shell using SOX (brew install sox OR apt-get install sox)
python | play -t raw -b 16 -e signed -c 2 -r 44100 -
#for more details check the examples on pyspotify project
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