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input config structure for replaced config operation
accept_remote_nexthop: true
add_path_display_ipv4_address: true
advertise_from_main_vpn_tables: true
advertise_inactive: true
as_number: '65534'
asdot_notation: true
authentication_algorithm: md5
malformed_route_limit: 20000000
monitor: true
damping: true
description: "Config is updated with merged operation"
egress_te_sid_stats: true
- name: inter
out_delay: 22
description: "This is internal group"
keep: "all"
- name: external
out_delay: 20
- name: extbound
accept_remote_nexthop: true
add_path_display_ipv4_address: true
out_delay: 10
description: "External bound"
keep: all
hold_time: 5
holddown_all_stale_labels: true
include_mp_next_hop: true
log_updown: true
loops: 5
no_advertise_peer_as: true
no_aggregator_id: true
no_client_reflect: true
out_delay: 10
precision_timers: true
preference: '3'
keep: "all"
mtu_discovery: True
no_precision_timers: True
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