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def get_field_type_for(kind)
types = {
"nr" => "number",
"tlf" => "number",
"telefon" => "number",
"nummer" => "number",
"merknad" => "text",
"notater" => "text",
"anmerkning" => "text"
View login_controller.rb
require 'openid'
require 'openid/consumer'
require "openid/store/filesystem"
require 'openid/extensions/sreg'
class LoginController < ApplicationController
def create
response = openid_consumer.begin(params[:openid_url])
sregreq =
sregreq.request_fields(["email"], true)
View irb_drop.rb
module Kernel
# usage:
# require 'irb_drop'
# some stuff...
# irb_drop(binding) # irb will open here with the current local variables
# ...continue doing stuff...
def irb_drop(context=nil, *argv)
require 'irb'
require 'pp'
require 'yaml'