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Last active August 7, 2022 13:51
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import serial
class Talker:
TERMINATOR = '\r'.encode('UTF8')
def __init__(self, timeout=1):
self.serial = serial.Serial('/dev/ttyACM0', 115200, timeout=timeout)
def send(self, text: str):
line = '%s\r\f' % text
reply = self.receive()
reply = reply.replace('>>> ','') # lines after first will be prefixed by a propmt
if reply != text: # the line should be echoed, so the result should match
raise ValueError('expected %s got %s' % (text, reply))
def receive(self) -> str:
line = self.serial.read_until(self.TERMINATOR)
return line.decode('UTF8').strip()
def close(self):
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