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romiras / !resque_async_drainer.rb
Last active May 28, 2022
Asynchronously drain Resque queue with concurrent workers in Ruby
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require_relative './logging'
require_relative './async_consumer'
def drain(data_store, queue_name, output_filename)
json_store =, 'a')
executor = lambda do |class_name, args| "class_name: #{class_name}, args: #{args}"
json_store.write("#{ { class: class_name, args: args }.to_json }\n")
romiras / async_queue_consumer.rb
Created May 27, 2022
Demo async queue consumer with concurrent N workers in Ruby
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require 'concurrent'
require 'benchmark'
require 'logger'
module Logging # Credits:
# This is the magical bit that gets mixed into your classes
def logger
romiras / concurrent_workers_batch_test.rb
Last active Jan 25, 2022
Concurrently classify items by type and batch them with multiple workers
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# Concurrently classify items by type and batch them with multiple workers
require 'logger'
Item =, :type)
romiras /
Last active Dec 8, 2021
Script for uploading 30 K dataset into ES
split --verbose -l1000 dataset-bulk-30k.ndjson bulk.
for f in bulk.??; do echo $f; curl -i -X POST localhost:9200/_bulk -H "Content-Type: application/x-ndjson" --data-binary @$f; done
romiras / es_ndjson_split.rb
Last active Nov 11, 2021
A script for transforming .jsonl file into file ready for bulk import to ES.
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# Reads .jsonl file and transforms it into file ready for bulk import to ES.
require 'json'[1], 'wb') {|f|
ARGF.each_line { |line|
a = JSON.parse(line)
out = {
index: {
"_id": a["_id"],
romiras / concurrent_workers_demo.rb
Last active Nov 4, 2021
Workers with Concurrent::Future in Ruby
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require 'concurrent'
require 'benchmark'
max = 20 # number of tasks to process
n_workers = 4 # number of concurrent workers
results = [] #
lambda = -> (iter, i) { results << ('%04d' % i); d = rand(0.005)+0.001; puts("Iteration #{iter}. sleep %.3f" % d); sleep(d) }
workers =, lambda)
iter = 0
romiras / Gemfile
Created May 8, 2019
EventMachine async URL fetcher
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source ""
gem 'eventmachine'
gem 'em-http-request'
romiras / dictionary-gnu-sort-bd.txt
Last active Jan 1, 2020 — forked from klauspost/dictionary-sorted.txt
Brotli dictionary - printed escaped - sorted with "sort -bd" (with dictionary order, ignoring blanks), a tool from GNU coreutils
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romiras /
Last active Jun 9, 2020
EBK backup extraction scripts

How to use

Assumed you have files with extension .ebk stored by Kies.


Install Ruby 2.3 or later

Example for running in Bash terminal. Linux is not mandatory for running Ruby program.

romiras /
Created Jan 14, 2017
ReZip - tool for recompression Zip files, used to efficiently store in SCM
#!/usr/bin/env python3
"""Read zip format file from stdin and write new zip to stdout.
With the --store option the output will be an uncompressed zip.
Uncompressed files are stored more efficiently in VCS.
python --store < file.docx > file.flat.docx
Based on