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Python code to trim raw text of Complete Sherlock Holmes
Original raw text:
Trimmed Format:
- Each line is a complete paragraph.
- Each line is ended with two new line characters ('\n\n') (including the last line).
- Disclaimer at the end of the raw text is not deleted, you need to delete it yourself.
input = open("cano.txt", "r")
output = open("cano-trim.txt", "w")
newParagraph = True
line = input.readline()
while line:
n = len(line)
if n > 5 and line[5] != ' ' and line[5] != '\n':
if not(newParagraph):
output.write(' ')
newParagraph = False
elif n == 1 and line[0] == '\n' and not(newParagraph):
newParagraph = True
line = input.readline()
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