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Rory rorydriscoll

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rorydriscoll / FullScreenQuad.hlsl
Created Dec 19, 2011
A vertex shader that uses the vertex ID to generate a full-screen quad. Don't bind vertex buffer, index buffer or input layout. Just render three vertices!
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struct Output
float4 position_cs : SV_POSITION;
float2 texcoord : TEXCOORD;
Output main(uint id: SV_VertexID)
Output output;
rorydriscoll / SubsetSum
Created Dec 3, 2011
Subset sum problem
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var max_sum = -Inf, best_begin = 0, best_end = 0, cur_begin = 0, cur_sum = 0
for (i = 0; i < values.length; ++i)
# Add the current value into our working sum
cur_sum += values[i]
# Update the max sum if we beat it
if cur_sum > max_sum:
max_sum = cur_sum
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// bind gloss {label:"Gloss", default:0.5, max:1, step:0.01}
// bind cdiff {label:"Diffuse Colour", r:0.6, g:0.0, b:0.0}
// bind cspec {label:"Specular Colour", r:0.3, g:0.3, b:0.3}
// bind lightstrength {label:"Light Strength", default:3, max:100, step:0.1}
// bind envtop {label:"Environment Top", r:0.0, g:0.2, b:0.4}
// bind envmiddle {label:"Environment Middle", r:0.2, g:0.2, b:0.2}
// bind envbottom {label:"Environment Bottom", r:0.01, g:0.1, b:0.01}
// bind refractiveindex {label:"Refracive Index", default:1.5, max:3, step:0.1}
// bind normalmap {label:"Normal Map", default:false}
// bind diffuse {label:"Diffuse", default:true}
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