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Conversation between 3 Lovecraftbook users
<b>Cthulhu</b> Guys, I’m hungry. Anyone wanna go get somebody to eat?
<b>Azathoth</b> People again? You eat one, you’re hungry again an hour later.
How about a village? A village would be great!
<b>Abdul Alhazred</b> Pretty rude, Azzhole. Speaking as one who’s been eaten, not cool.
<b>Azathoth</b> Mouth at me again, dude, &amp; I’m gonna arrange for you to be eaten again. And again. And again.
<b>Abdul Alhazred</b> Bring it on, million-eyes.
<b>Cthulhu</b> Both of you morons shut up. I’ll go eat someone myself. Jesus Chr—why do I keep saying that?!?!
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