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gradle aws lambda jruby build
apply plugin: 'java'
apply plugin: 'eclipse'
apply plugin: 'idea'
buildscript {
repositories { jcenter() }
dependencies {
/* check for the latest release */
classpath "com.github.jruby-gradle:jruby-gradle-jar-plugin:1.0.1"
apply plugin: 'com.github.jruby-gradle.jar'
jrubyJar {
initScript library()
dependencies {
gems 'rubygems:aws-sdk:2.2.31'
gems 'rubygems:aws-sdk-core:2.2.31'
gems 'rubygems:aws-sdk-resources:2.2.31'
repositories {
dependencies {
compile (
compile files('lib/jruby.jar')
task buildZip(type: Zip) {
from compileJava
from processResources
into('lib') {
from configurations.runtime
build.dependsOn buildZip
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