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Original Question in Spanish

Translation from Spanish

Question Title

Suddenly and ... out of nowhere I leave firefox 54.0.1 x64 to play me some! YouTube videos and, almost Facebook! I can not see any

Question Body

The detail could be that, I have some * Favorites * saved in my YouTube account and in a list of (several) recently some videos, they reproduce and others do not .... they are loading and appears a mje of * error try later * ... believing it to be a problem for YouTube servers..but ... it's not like that! Because, I sense, I would not have to reproduce any, and yet it is not so. At the same time ... * out of nowhere * this happened ... it's almost impossible for me too! Play videos on Facebook. PS: All Plugins ... are up and running daily ... Flash Player .... ShockWave ... Java ... etc. I do not find out what happens ... and it's soooo uncomfortable! Thank you!

Suggested Reply

Hi Richard-law

I don't speak Spanish so I translated your question from Spanish to English using Google Translate.

Here is my reply in English:

Sorry to hear about this. This unfortunately doesn't appear to be a Firefox problem. We have the following documentation which I suggest you read and try out

If the above links don't help, please reply with the URLs of some videos that don't work so we can try testing for you.

Here is my reply in Spanish (again I don't speak Spanish so this was translated by Google Translate):

Siento oír hablar de esto. Esto por desgracia no parece ser un problema de Firefox. Tenemos la siguiente documentación que le sugiero que lea y pruebe

Si los enlaces anteriores no ayudan, responde con las URL de algunos videos que no funcionan para que podamos probarlos.



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