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Simple example of how to use notifications to pass data
// MARK: LoginViewController
class LoginViewController: UIViewController {
override func viewDidLoad() {
selector: #selector(handleLogin(notification:)),
name: Notification.Name("UserIdentifier"),
object: nil)
func login(with username: String,
password: String) {
let authenticationSession = AuthenticationSession()
authenticationSession.performLogin(with: username,
password: password)
@objc func handleLogin(notification: Notification) {
if let userInfo = notification.userInfo {
if let userIdentifier = userInfo["User Identifier"] as? String {
// Handle the login with userIdentifier
// MARK: AuthenticationSession
class AuthenticationSession {
func performLogin(with username: String,
password: String) {
let userIdentifier = "12345" //Service.login(username, password) Notification.Name("UserIdentifier"), object: self, userInfo: ["User Identifier": userIdentifier])
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