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Created Mar 22, 2014
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Extracts rpms to similarly named directories, using only bash, grep, tail, cpio and a decompressor
mkdir -p ${1%.rpm} || exit 1
RPMHDRLGTH=$(LANG=C grep -abom1 '.7zXZ\|]'$'\000\000''....'$'\377\377\377\377\377\377''\|BZh9\|'$'\037\213\b' "$1")
case "$RPMHDRLGTH" in
*]*) COMPRESSOR=lzma ;;
*BZh9) COMPRESSOR=bzip2 ;;
*) COMPRESSOR=gzip ;;
tail -c+$[${RPMHDRLGTH%:*}+1] "$1" | $COMPRESSOR -d | ( cd ${1%*.rpm} ; cpio --quiet -imd )
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ruario commented Jun 1, 2014

Just some notes. This assumes GNU tools. Additionally it will not work with rpm's that use xar instead of cpio internally.

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