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rubenwardy/ Secret

Last active Aug 29, 2015
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WIP - these bounties are not active yet.

rubenwardy's bountry thread


  1. Bounties will be paid from my PayPal (UK) account.
  2. Receivers may forfeit their won bounty, and have it re-added to another bounty.
  3. A winning solution will be stable and of good quality
    1. as judged by the core dev team.
    2. The solution must have been merged into upstream for at least 1 week.
  4. A winning solution will be licensed under LGPL 2.1
  5. A winning solution will fulfil all minimum features.
  6. I reserve the right to:
    1. withdraw, increase or decrease a bounty, or all bounties, given a 1 week notice period.
    2. judge whether a solution is acceptable or not. (And has the final say)
    3. make exceptions to the rules 1 - 6.

Client Side Lua

Bounty: £8
Description Should be used for AudioVisual effects and client-side-prediction.
Minimum Features:

  • Ability to run callbacks on key presses
  • Control of CAOs
  • Formspec Replacement (should be very powerful, should have drawLine/Rect/Image/Text/Pixel etc functions)
  • HUD Replacement

Wielditem Animations

Bounty: £5
Description The ability to make, eg, custom eat animations and tool usage animations.

Voxel Area Entities

Bounty: £20
Description: How cool would it be to build a full-sized boat in Minetest, and then drive it around the ocean?
Related Links:

Ambient Sounds

Bounty: £15
Description: Fast (probably client-side) environmental sounds. The existing mod for this plays a sound with no respect to origin or direction. (so won't work on surround sound) Suggested Minimum Features: (A solution with less of these may still be accepted, at rubenwardy's discretion)

  • sounds should be defined by Lua scripts in node definitions.
  • clients can opt-out of environmental sounds, in which case they aren't sent to the client.
  • sound from large bodies of water.
  • sound from falling water (waterfalls).
  • sound from moving in water (ideally dynamically generated, so matches the player's velocity).
  • sound from being underwater
  • sound from grass/leaves/flowers in wind
  • sound from moving through grass/leaves/flowers
  • sound from wind
  • colision sounds

Sound Physics

Bounty: £8
Description: Walls absorb / muffle sounds, sounds can refract or echo.

Better particles

Bounty: £3 Description: faster particles which can do collision with nodes and cause less FPS reduction than current particles

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