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Last active Jul 4, 2016

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Worklist for Minetest


Things that I'm going to look at next are in bold. Things starting with "investigate" may not happen if I don't feel like it's worth it.

  1. Minetest Engine Wishlist / Worklist
  2. Minetest Game Wishlist / Worklist
  3. Minetest Mods Wishlist / Worklist

Minetest Engine Wishlist / Worklist

  • Environmental Sounds

Minetest Game Wishlist / Worklist

1 - User Interface

1.1 - Inventory

  • sfinv
  • unified inventory support (would be ok as an external mod)
  • better filters
    • search by mod
    • order by description or item name
    • Investigate tabs for node types (eg: natural, building, vehicles)
  • enter to search

1.2 - Misc usability improvements

  • Investigate making the screwdriver easier to use
  • Needed fair mechanic which would let player unstuck (#857)

1.3 - Learning to play

  • Investigate a craft guide
  • Investigate tutorial suggestions

2 - Content

2.1 - Nodes

  • Investigate meaning of mese - currently it's just a random ore
  • Introducing 2 new nodes used in decorations (#795)
  • Investigate stair corners, although they should probably be a new drawtype (#1159)

2.2 - Entities

  • Investigate adding carts to make rails meaningful

2.3 - Audio visual

  • Metal sounds #887
  • Environmental sounds. Needs upstream change to be effective (#864)

Minetest Mods Wishlist / Worklist

  • Companies mod
    • Creation of companies
    • Stock market
    • Creation of banks and currency
    • Creation of the Internet for ordering
  • Circuits that work in unloaded blocks
  • Digilines that work in unloaded blocks
  • Improve awards API
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