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rudkovskyi/w1.cljs Secret

Created Oct 2, 2018
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(defn- line-segment
[a b c]
{:pre [(every? number? (flatten (if c [a b c] [a b])))
(not (some js/isNaN (flatten (if c [a b c] [a b]))))]
:post [(satisfies? g/PVertexAccess %)]}
(if c
(case (count c)
2 (->> [a c b] (map vec2) dm/qbezier->cbezier b/bezier2)
3 (->> [a c b] (map vec3) dm/qbezier->cbezier b/bezier3))
(case (count a)
2 (l/line2 a b)
3 (l/line3 a b))))
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