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Created Apr 7, 2018
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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import re
import string
import sys
import yaml
from mutagen import id3
from os import path
from collections import namedtuple
Chapter = namedtuple('Chapter', ['title', 'start', 'end'])
if len(sys.argv) != 2:
print("Usage: %s path/to.mp3" % sys.argv[0])
mp3file = sys.argv[1]
def get_episode():
m = re.match(r"(?:^|.*/)(\d+).mp3$", mp3file)
if m is None:
print("Usage: %s path/to.mp3" % sys.argv[0])
n = int(
for ep in yaml.load_all(open(path.expanduser('~/tcfm/episodes.yaml'), 'r')):
if ep['episode'] == n:
return ep
print("invalid episode number: ", mp3file)
def parse_time(s):
m = re.match('(\d+):(\d+):(\d+)', s)
if m is not None:
return (int( * 3600 + int( * 60 + int( * 1000
m = re.match('(\d+):(\d+)', s)
if m is not None:
return (int( * 60 + int( * 1000
print("bad timestamp:", s)
def get_chapters(ep):
ret = []
end = 0xffffffff
for topic in reversed(ep['topics']):
m = re.match('(.+)\(([\d:]+)\)\s*$', topic)
if m is None:
start = parse_time(
ret.append(Chapter(, start, end))
end = start
return list(reversed(ret))
ep = get_episode()
# Add metadata
tag = id3.ID3()
tag.add(id3.TALB(text=[u"Turing Complete FM"]))
tag.add(id3.TPE1(text=[u"Rui Ueyama"]))
tag.add(id3.TIT2(encoding=id3.Encoding.UTF8, text=[ep['title']]))
# Add artwork
imagedata = open('resources/mp3-artwork.jpg', 'rb').read()
tag.add(id3.APIC(3, 'image/jpeg', 3, 'Front cover', imagedata))
# Add chapters
chapters = get_chapters(ep)
if len(chapters) > 0:
tag.add(id3.CTOC(element_id=u"toc", flags=id3.CTOCFlags.TOP_LEVEL | id3.CTOCFlags.ORDERED,
child_element_ids=['chp{:02d}'.format(i) for i in range(len(chapters))],
sub_frames=[id3.TIT2(encoding=id3.Encoding.UTF8, text=[u"Table of Contents"])]))
for i, c in enumerate(chapters):
tag.add(id3.CHAP(element_id=u'chp{:02d}'.format(i), start_time=c.start, end_time=c.end,
sub_frames=[id3.TIT2(encoding=id3.Encoding.UTF8, text=[c.title])]))
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