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Rubén Pérez Bachiller rupebac

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==> default: Starting the VMware VM...
INFO subprocess: Starting process: ["C:\\Program Files (x86)\\VMware\\VMware Workstation/vmrun.exe", "start", "D:/companyBoxes/buildBox/.vagrant/machines/default/vmware_workstation/ad8558bd-7551-4676-9954-c68e133a0893/VagrantBase.vmx", "nogui"]
INFO subprocess: Command not in installer, restoring original environment...
DEBUG subprocess: Selecting on IO
ERROR warden: Error occurred: Vagrant timed out while trying to start the VMware machine. This
error is caused by VMware never successfully starting the machine.
This can often be fixed by simply retrying. If the error persists,
please verify that VMware is functional. This is not a Vagrant
INFO warden: Beginning recovery process...
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