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test file for string interpolation highlighting in coffee-script
Interpolation test file
dqs = " Double quotes are
and they can have #{ string_interpolation = "cool" }, and
they need to escape \" but not ', (\' \n should be fine too)
and that's about all. "
meh = "also \ at end of line is fine \
if next isn't a end-of-string"
indeed = "\#{ shouldnot = 'trigger string interpolation'"
sqs = 'Single quotes are
also multi-line
and they interpret #{ string_interpolations = "literally" } so we
should not highlight them. we need to escape \' but not ", although we can \"
tdqs = """
triple-double quotes don't need to escape ' or " and
they #{ have = "string interpolations" }. Yessir.
tsqs = '''
single quotes are similar in that they don't need to escape ' or ", but
they #{dont = "have string interpolations" }. oh no.'''
console.log indeed, dqs, meh, sqs, tdqs, tsqs
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