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Install Packer with WinRM communicator / Ansible / Qemu and enable Packer's Winrm communicator in Fedora
# Install necessary packages
dnf install -y -q ansible qemu-img qemu-kvm wget unzip
# Download and unpack Packer
cd /tmp
unzip packer*.zip
# Use packerio as a binary name, because packer binary already exists in fedora : /usr/sbin/packer as part of cracklib-dicts package
mv packer /usr/local/bin/packerio
# Install WinRM communicator for Packer (
mkdir -p ~/.ansible/plugins/connection_plugins
wget -P ~/.ansible/plugins/connection_plugins/
sed -i.orig 's@#connection_plugins =.*@connection_plugins = ~/.ansible/plugins/connection_plugins/@' /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg
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