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(ns pg.web.messaging
(:require [cljs.core.async :refer [>! <! chan put! take! timeout close!] :as async]
[ajax.core :refer [GET POST]]
[pg.util :as util]
(:require-macros [cljs.core.async.macros :refer [alt! go go-loop]]))
(def temp-start-time (util/local-instval))
;; these are the only functions and vars exported from this namespace
View pg.util.clj
(ns pg.util
(:require [clojure.core.async :refer [>! <! >!! <!! alts! alts!! chan go go-loop put! take! thread timeout close!] :as async]))
;; synchronous; takes from channel argument if something is available, else returns nil
(def maybe-take!
(let [closed-ch (doto (chan) (close!))]
(fn [ch]
(let [[x port] (alts!! [ch closed-ch] {:priority true})]
(when (= port ch)
View pg.web.messaging.clj
(ns pg.web.messaging
(:require [clojure.core.async :refer [>! <! >!! <!! alts! alts!! chan go go-loop thread timeout close!] :as async]
[pg.util :as util]
(def buffer-size 50)
(def wait-time (* 25 1000))
(comment "
View pg.web.core.clj
(ns pg.web.core
(:require [clojure.core.async :refer [>! <! >!! <!! alts! chan go go-loop put! take! thread timeout close!] :as async]
[ :refer [refresh]]
[compojure.core :refer [defroutes GET POST]]
[compojure.route :as route]
[compojure.handler :as handler]
[integrant.core :as ig]
[ring.adapter.jetty :as jetty]
[ring.middleware.content-type :refer [wrap-content-type]]
[ring.middleware.format-response :refer [wrap-transit-json-response]]
rwat / cache-interact.clj
Last active Jun 28, 2017
generalizes and makes transparent the use of clojure.core.cache
View cache-interact.clj
(ns foo
(:require [clojure.core.cache :as cache]))
(defn cache-interact
[the-agent the-function & the-items]
"Generalizes the interaction of performing c.c.cache operations by
transparently retrieving something from a cache or running the supplied
function outside of the agent's thread to generate a value"
(let [delay-func (delay (apply the-function the-items))
the-promise (promise)
View vertigo_binary_search.clj
(ns bar.baz
(:require [vertigo.core :as vc]
[vertigo.structs :as vs]))
;; based off of work by Michał Marczyk
(set! *warn-on-reflection* true)
rwat / clojurescript_snippets.cljs
Last active Jan 1, 2016
Sundry Clojurescript snippets
View clojurescript_snippets.cljs
;; milliseconds since the epoch
(.now js/Date)
;; read clojure data received over the network
(ns foo.core (:require [cljs.reader :as reader]))
(reader/read-string x)
;; write clojure data to send over the network
(pr-str {:hi "there"})
rwat / clojure_snippets.clj
Last active Jan 1, 2016
Sundry Clojure snippets
View clojure_snippets.clj
;; current time
;; make a version 4 random UUID as per
;; start a new thread and run a function
(.start (Thread. (fn [] (loop []
rwat / my-date-time.clj
Created Jan 24, 2011
exception handling example
View my-date-time.clj
(ns my-ns
(:use [clj-time.core :only [date-time]]))
(defn my-date-time
"same as clj-time.core date-time but returns nil on improper input"
[& args]
(apply date-time (map #(Integer/parseInt %) args))
(catch RuntimeException e nil)))
View leaks_memory.clj
(import '( InetAddress
; networking
(defrecord UDPServer [dgram-socket connected closed])
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