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Reliable Message Delivery for Multiple Systems in Mulesoft Anypoint
<flow name="DestinationSystemAFlow" doc:id="e85fc224-da20-4a8f-b4eb-9a5281f6e0c3" >
<jms:listener doc:name="Listener" doc:id="94da9f0f-4e6a-43c5-aedf-f962f2faca3e" config-ref="JMS_Config" destination="system_a" transactionalAction="ALWAYS_BEGIN">
<jms:consumer-type >
<jms:queue-consumer />
<http:request method="GET" doc:name="System A" doc:id="ef9aad60-00c8-4524-8b14-f4cf86045aa5" config-ref="HTTPSystemA" path="/update"/>
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