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2017-06-24 10:53:31.964 love[21788:4850485] There was an error parsing the Info.plist for the bundle at URL Contents/Info.plist -- file:///Users/ryan/Downloads/wizard-jam-5/
NSCocoaErrorDomain - 3840
<CFBasicHash 0x7ff422e0d1a0 [0x7fff76752440]>{type = immutable dict, count = 2,
entries =>
0 : <CFString 0x7fff76661180 [0x7fff76752440]>{contents = "NSDebugDescription"} = <CFString 0x7ff422e0e2a0 [0x7fff76752440]>{contents = "Close tag on line 101 does not match open tag plist"}
1 : <CFString 0x7fff76663f80 [0x7fff76752440]>{contents = "kCFPropertyListOldStyleParsingError"} = Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=3840 "Malformed data byte group at line 1; invalid hex" UserInfo={NSDebugDescription=Malformed data byte group at line 1; invalid hex}
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