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Ryan's insane SpongeAPI Challenge

Things that are probably impossible to do in SpongeAPI currently, that I see minigames servers and packet interceptors cabable of online.

Most of these I wish I had time to develop plugins for, including API, to create a kick ass server.

  1. Just 'Hide' an entity to a specific set of players.
  2. Exclude a set of players from targeting by AI's, commands, or other players.
  3. Change the appearance of entities/players to other players.
  4. Send "fake" entities that are manually tracked and simulated emulated by a plugin, total control, no performance problems of many copies of entities being tracked in the global entity list, no risk of accidental persistence in saving.
  5. nickname youtubers so they are for all intents and purposes have a different game name to everyone except themselves and people with permission.
  6. Per player signs / holograms.
  7. Change the armor color of players depending on friend/foe.
  8. filter the view of the world to each player? rather then sending block changes have some way of filtering the chunks before they are sent.
  9. Custom Blocks that have per player rendering? Actually register with forge, don't tell the client about them, and render them as alternate vanilla blocks, except they are flagged for per player rendering?
  10. Custom entities that render as different entities per viewer. (disguises, friend or foe mobs etc)
  11. Randomize and localize the world co-ordinate system to a specific player.
  12. Attacking vanished players?
  13. Change the displayname and skin of any player.
  14. CombatTimer (using the players actual entity, and not a spawned human)
  15. Change the UUID / permission context / inventory of a player for moderation duties. (Exactly like a 'perfect' cracked server would do)
  16. Universes, that group together worlds, and can either choose to un-singleton or share the different services available.
  17. Store a minecraft world in an actual database, with actual time rollback, as opposed to logging everything.
  18. Easily share entities across servers, view entities across servers, and block changes across servers.
  19. Create a talking heads plugin for SoS that moves the head of the currently speaking guest speaker.
  20. Serve http over 25565?!? WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL!
  21. Minecraft animation studio, for designing 'multipart entities' or recording scenes.
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