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private static class SignListener implements Listener {
public void onSignWrite(SignChangeEvent sign) {
Player player = sign.getPlayer();
for(int x = 1; x < 5; x = x+1) {
if(sign.getLine(x).equalsIgnoreCase("<3")) {
sign.setLine(x, "<heart>");
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public class RESTful {
View gist:007f339975103ae85ec9
public class RESTful {
View gist:73e14bc96aa016ea0c12
public abstract class DIY {
private Integer limit;
private Integer offset;
private String docs;
private String email;
private String twitterUsername;
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public class JsonTranslator {
public class BasicRequestDeserializer implements JsonDeserializer<BasicRequest>
public BasicRequest deserialize(JsonElement jsonElement, Type type, JsonDeserializationContext jsonDeserializationContext) throws JsonParseException {
return null;
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Compiling a fresh build of spigot!
Starting clone of to Bukkit
Cloned git repository to /home/ryanw/compile_spigot/Bukkit. Current HEAD: 0b440145d31a6415ee48b85e029532965c82d977
Starting clone of to CraftBukkit
Cloned git repository to /home/ryanw/compile_spigot/CraftBukkit. Current HEAD: c80683161952dcd465a9e9514daf488c1177b944
Starting clone of to Spigot
Cloned git repository to /home/ryanw/compile_spigot/Spigot. Current HEAD: 5ffe41c391075a995acb9ab0c493e69a211629ee
Starting clone of to BuildData
AphelionAddress="[link redacted]"
cat logo.txt
if [ -f BuildTools.jar ]; then
while true; do
read -p "Would you like to update your version of BuildTools? (y/n): " yn
case ${yn} in
[Yy]* ) rm -rf BuildTools.jar; curl -o BuildTools.jar ${BuildToolsAddress}; break;;

Table of Contents

Getting started

Welcome to Webmaker for Android! Here's some things to know before getting started.

View locale-output.txt
07-06 17:04:44.623 3777-3777/org.mozilla.webmaker V/language﹕ af
07-06 17:04:44.624 3777-3777/org.mozilla.webmaker V/language﹕ af-NA
07-06 17:04:44.624 3777-3777/org.mozilla.webmaker V/language﹕ af-ZA
07-06 17:04:44.624 3777-3777/org.mozilla.webmaker V/language﹕ agq
07-06 17:04:44.624 3777-3777/org.mozilla.webmaker V/language﹕ agq-CM
07-06 17:04:44.624 3777-3777/org.mozilla.webmaker V/language﹕ ak
07-06 17:04:44.624 3777-3777/org.mozilla.webmaker V/language﹕ ak-GH
07-06 17:04:44.624 3777-3777/org.mozilla.webmaker V/language﹕ am
07-06 17:04:44.625 3777-3777/org.mozilla.webmaker V/language﹕ am-ET
07-06 17:04:44.625 3777-3777/org.mozilla.webmaker V/language﹕ ar
ryanwarsaw / mappings.json
Last active Aug 29, 2015
OvercastAPI mappings JSON file!
View mappings.json
"id": "globalKills",
"selector": "html body div.container section div.row div.span7 div.row-fluid div.span8 div.row-fluid div.span5 h2[title]",
"filter": "^.*kills.*$"
"id": "globalDeaths",
"selector": "html body div.container section div.row div.span7 div.row-fluid div.span4 h2[title]",
"filter": "^.*deaths.*$"
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