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convox start does not respect .dockerignore for code sync

This is a minimalist reproduction case to point out an issue with code syncing in Convox Gen1.

Run this program with:

convox start --manifest docker-compose-local.yml --generation 1

Now, in a separate terminal you can use docker exec to access the running "web" service and verify that the DONTSYNC file has not been uploaded.

Next, modify the DONTSYNC file. What you should see, is that convox uploads the new change, despite that file being ignored in .dockerignore. This can be confirmed by again using docker exec to attach to the running container and see that the file has been uploaded. What you would hope to see, is that convox would not sync this code change at all.

version: '2'
build: .
command: /app/
FROM python:2
COPY . /app
Some dummy text
import time, sys
while True:
sys.stdout.write("Sleeping for 5 seconds\n")
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