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Created Mar 6, 2019
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random frontend patterns
// avoid popup blocker when you need async code when opening new tab\
// NOTE: the downside to this approach it the the user will see a blank page until the async method finished but instead of opening
// NOTE: to a blank page, you could probably have a redirect page that has animation or something
//first have a method that does the async functionality and get passed in the new tab window
const doRedirect = async (newWindow) => {
try {
const redirectUrl = await api.getRedirectUrl();
// this wonty be blocked because the window was open in the method directly tied to the event listener
newWindow.location.href = redirectUrl;
} catch (error) {
//do whatever error handling you need to
// then you have the method that you attach the event listener to
const newTabStart = () => {
const newWindow ='', '_blank');
// ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0
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